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We strive to make the complicated world or real estate a more seamless and transparent experience. Our vast expertise across markets (multi-family, student, senior and assisted-living, and more), tax credits (affordable, new market, historic rehab, Community Revitalization Enhancement, and Indiana Redevelopment), and Opportunity and Promise Zones offers our clients confidence that their investments are in good hands.


Identifying opportunities and shepherding resources toward impactful properties. Services include equity raising, acquisition, asset monitoring, debt financing, workouts, turnarounds, and more.


Managing the entire development process with diligence, transparency, and integrity. We raise equity to purchase existing apartments and develop our own communities from the ground up.


Improving quality of life for residents, while delivering peace of mind and ROI to property owners. We maximize revenues, control costs, and preserve and enhance physical assets, while being responsive to the needs of our residents and investors, alike.


Over its history, over 3000 investors have entrusted House Investments to be good stewards. These investors have included Fortune 500 corporations, financial institutions, insurance companies, utilities, privately-held corporations, family offices, universities, endowments, foundations and high net worth individuals.

We rely on the experience and expertise of our management team and staff to formulate underwriting strategies for our real estate transactions.  The underwriting strategies provide the foundation for investment performance that meets or exceeds expectations. The procedures used to underwrite and analyze each investment enable us to address the risks of a transaction through changes in the deal structure and/or terms.

We have has experience in virtually every aspect of real estate ownership. This depth of experience allows us to assume an active role in the ongoing performance of the properties in which we have invested. In addition to the standard asset management of the properties that have performed to expectations, House Investments has also stepped in when the need has arisen utilizing its development expertise to complete properties and its management expertise to take over underperforming assets.  We have also been involved in numerous financing transactions bringing value to the overall performance of our investments.


House Investments’ development experience began in the early 1990s. In the last several years, we have accelerated our development activities by developing approximately $100 million in new multifamily and assisted living properties and we have several more development properties in our pipeline. Our development team maintains involvement in all facets of the development process, fully encompassing the life cycle of a project.

In its capacity as developer, House Investments is responsible for identifying potential opportunities, performing a feasibility analysis, structuring the transaction including the capital stack, obtaining site control, assembling the design and construction teams, securing construction and permanent financing, structuring, identifying and closing the equity financing and monitoring the construction phase from groundbreaking through completion. We also work with local officials to identify local funding sources including TIF districts, property tax abatements and exemptions and community grants.

Once the construction is complete, we work with our management team, H•I Management, on the initial lease up and ongoing operations of the property.

House Investments performs development services for itself and third parties.


House Investments Management (H•I Management) was formed in 1995 concentrating solely on overseeing the day-to-day operations of a select group of related-party assets. In-house success led to independent inquiries into managing communities owned by third party investors and private owners. Since then, we have enjoyed steady growth in all areas of property management including market rate, senior living, student housing, affordable housing, distressed assets, new developments, commercial property and receivership duties. We currently manage approximately 3,000 apartment units.         

We believe a property is more than just bricks and mortar. It’s an investment in the lives of its residents and the financial future of its owner. We are committed to maximizing revenue, controlling costs, and improving the overall experience for residents and property owners alike. We place a highly trained, qualified, and vetted team onsite, creating strong communities no matter the type of property from multi-family to senior and student housing and even commercial space. Whether market rate or affordable apartment units, the management team preserves assets and grows value in order to build short and long term ROI. With decades of experience in managing a wide array of properties, the goal is to treat every property like it’s our own.

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