Over the course of its history, House Investments has focused on many aspects of real estate investing and financing.

Residential & Commercial

Beginning with its first real estate equity transaction in 1978, House Investments has been involved extensively in the residential and commercial real estate markets. The company organized and implemented 20 investment programs that invested in single-family housing, office buildings, one hotel, land and one office park. These investment programs raised equity of approximately $24 million to invest in properties with an approximate cost of $76 million. These activities do not include House Investments tax credit and affordable housing endeavors.

Affordable Housing and Tax Credits

From 1985 through 1987, House Investments was involved in four transactions that purchased apartment complexes to be rented to low income residents. An additional transaction was an historic rehabilitation project. These investment programs raised equity of over $8 million to invest in properties with a cost in excess of $37 million.

Beginning in 1989, House Investments became extensively involved in the Section 42 affordable housing program. These activities continue to today. The company has been involved in 45 investment programs or individual developments. These programs have raised equity in excess of $260 million to invest in properties with a cost in excess of $460 million.

In addition, the company played a key role in assisting an Indiana non-profit to receive a $25 million allocation of New Market Tax Credits in 2004, placing 100% of the allocation into six properties. The company also did one transaction involving the use of Community Revitalization Enhancement District tax credits.

Mezzanine Financing

Beginning in 1993, House Investments began providing mezzanine financing to real estate investments. The company has been involved in five funds with multiple investments, five transactions involving a single investment at a time, and three co-investment opportunities. The company raised over $146 million to invest in properties with an initial value of approximately $1.5 billion.


Beginning in 1988, House Investments became involved in healthcare related properties. The company formed four funds to invest in nursing homes. These funds raised approximately $14.5 million to invest in properties with a value of approximately $34.5 million. Affiliates of House Investments managed four of the nursing homes included in this portfolio.

In 2007, affiliates of House Investments partnered with a local nursing home owner to develop an assisted living facility in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. In 2009, a memory care facility was added to this development. The company’s most recent activity is a memory care facility in Bloomington, Indiana.

House Investments healthcare properties encompass 413 nursing beds and 127 assisted living rooms.

Multifamily Development & Ownership

Beginning in 2000, House Investments became more involved in the development and ownership of apartment complexes. The company has raised equity to purchase apartments, has used internal funds to own complexes, and has developed apartments from the ground up. The company remains a very active in developing and acquiring multifamily housing.